Timeless Teaching in a Changing World

Burt Township High School consists of grades 9-12. Core classes in Mathematics, English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science are offered as well as electives such as physical education, foreign language, visual, performing, and applied arts. Our students get the benefit of small class sizes and personalized instruction and they to participate in some great extras, such as field trips to places near and far, career days and college fairs, “classroom without walls” learning and athletics. They also help with the school garden and take part in projects and learning in our Burt Township School Forest and the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. There is never a dull day here in Grand Marais!


Graduation Requirements

The Michigan Merit Curriculum requires sixteen (16) core class credits for graduation along with 9 additional elective credits. These credits include:

  • Four (4) credits in Mathematics including: Algebra I; Geometry; Algebra II; plus one (1) additional math credit.
  • Four (4) credits in English Language Arts aligned with subject area content expectations developed by MDE.
  • Three (3) credits in Science including: Biology, Physics or Chemistry; plus one (1) additional science credit.
  • Three (3) credits in Social Studies including: one half (.5) credit in Civics; one half (.5) credit in Economics; United States History and Geography; and World History and Geography.
  • One (1) credit in Physical Education/Health according to guidelines developed by MDE.
  • One (1) credit in Visual, Performing, or Applied Arts according to guidelines developed by MDE.
  • Nine (9) credits in electives.


In addition to our rigorous academic curriculum, students at Grand Marais High School, housed on the second level of our building, have many opportunities to expand their knowledge of the natural world and utilize technology to compete in the ever-changing technological, global economy. Our students students have access to Chrome books as well as iPads for use in every class during the school day.